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I'm new to the screen printing process, so my question might seem incredibly stupid -- but not to me.:D

I'm looking to print on a semi dark tee, perhaps an American Apparel or Bella baby rib (red, brown, heather gray, etc.). The design I have in mind requires a gold flash, with honey yellow and black (the colors will be touching in the middle of the design). The problem I'm seeing is that I wish the design to have a near invisible feel to it, and I'm afraid the combination of dark shirt and flashing the gold (using the concealed portions of it instead of white for the yellow), would create a rubbery or stiff design that would not appeal to potential buyers. That combined with a very soft and thin shirt could spell disaster (haha, I'm starting to sound like a designer -- "disaster!").

Companies like troy kingdom pull this off nicely. Are they using a direct-to-garment printer?
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