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SOCCER wholesalers

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I'm trying to find a wholesale company that sells soccer uniforms and the traditional soccer brands to screen printers. It seems like the coaches usually get them printed themselves from the wholesaler.

When they come to me for everything else I would like to offer the jerseys from brands like adidas, Mitre, puma, umbro and the like. I know I can get adidas from a bunch of the standard vendors but nothing geared for soccer teams. A league in my area is also looking for soccer bags. I would like to show them one of those brands.

Do you have to own a soccer sports retail store in order to get this stuff?

Thanks for your help guys.
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A lot of the big names for soccer are only available to soccer specific retailers. I know Adidas is like that. I managed a small soccer store for a long time and as a small shop it was hard to get product all the time.
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