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So What Does the Rip Software do?

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I have had quite a few Epson Inkjet printers in my tme. Printng an image on paper was quite simple - press the Print button and the Epson driver did all that was needed and the print emerged from the printer.

So, I buy an Epson based DTG printer - a Neoflex and, as with all the Epson based printers I've owned, I install the appropriate Epson driver.

I know this is a naive question but, why do I need a rip - Neorip in my case.

I note that many rips smply sit in the background and accept the print info from the graphic software and no interaction is required. Neorip is a little different in that the image file is loaded into the software and 'ripped' :)

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In a nutshell, the Rip will create your white base layer and your color layer and send them to the print queue. Also, the Rip is responsible for applying the correct ICC profile and ink droplet size.
The reason for the rips are as TahoeTomahawk said is the creation of white ink and also for the capability of color correction/ICC profiles. The standard Epson print driver/ICC's are for printing on paper, were the Rips are set to print on rougher surfaces and create acceptable images!
The native Epson only runs CMYK inks, as you use white ink the RIP will also manage the ink assignment to the correct channels in the head.

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