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So what do you designer/artist peeps think?? : )

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Redoing layout of site and listening to some of your suggestions from like a few weeks back :)

You guys digg color???


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I don't know if the colours really go together, if your having problems why don't you try a colour matching plug in?
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I agree, the colours make it look a little cheap. The green at the top and the purple especially dont go well together. I wouldnt take the sight as seriously as it could be taken but with a little reworking it will look good. Id start by choosing colours that go well together, perhaps shades of the same colour, and i wouldnt use illuminous type colours like the green.I think the best thing to do is lok through web at awrd winning websights and draw inspiration from the simple neat looking ones.Andy
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I can't figure out what to do with area on outside that is purple :(
I been reading bunch of color books I got and in theory this colors are suppose to work together but I dunno I am stumped any suggestions would be greatly appreciated
hmm I was thinking of working around with green : )
I will tinker with that and post again in a few Ha and see what happens
Ok I dont like the blue at all, the one on the tree pic :) Sorry Sean haha. Also maybe try a different font, something a little more clean looking. Just humor me on this one :) I dont think that font is working well for the type of design, the font just does not mesh well with the tree pic, they seem opposite styles.
Im in process but what you think so far for colors??
Thanks bobbie I hate doing this crap Ha


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Look so different when I view her err...
On photoshop looks better for some reason Ha...
I can figure out what to do for outside color eh : ( I wanna make this site like happy and inviting before I was going with neon colors
here we go again ah this is gonna be a long night


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Ok done what you think : )


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What about maybe a medium tan on the border and white where the tree is? Maybe that will add more color to the page while making the graphic stand out more.
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Ha not liking still Lol
I do tomorrow I am popped thanks for input your a doll
if you want a really honest opinion, im afraid id start again, the font doesnt look good, it creates a £1 pound for everything shop look and looks childlike and unproffessional. I dont mean to be mean but i think the best thing to do is be honest.Its a business your running after all. Id start over , keep it clean and simple looking is a good start.
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Thanks Andy : )

I know the font is kinda childish looking to most people but to me it is funn and yes sometime people see this kind of business as uptight and so on but that isn't way I run my shop...

I like being open minded out spoken and different and yes some people will not like that and has gotten me in trouble on another forum but I view a website is the reflection of its owner

To be honest.... clients i been drawing up all love the site and think it is funky : )

I am not going after corporations for clients because I went through that phase and had hell of time getting approvals and my money....

I am aiming towards Artist, Younger people and photographers and aiming to help them out because I started out as artist : )

Dali and Picasso were different and some people loved there stuff and others hated it

I will play this site same way .. : )
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Just by looking at the thumbs:

I would make the light green on the side frames a Cream colour
and id make the Bright green banner at the top the same colour as the green writing.

your putting a lot of work into this, keep it up and dont let it beat you!
Well I think you have a couple of issues. First have too many different colors including the font colors and it just doesn't work together. Try reducing your colors to no more than three. The bright green banner just looks terrible. You have at least 5 fonts which is 3 too many. And its a personal thing but I don't like the dead tree jutting out in the center of the page. All the whitespace around it suggests it is important but to me it looks random and lonely.
Yea I am simplifying everything I do now ha and i may kill lime green
I have to get my web guy to finish it err because he owes me but after that I am soo not dealing with him
Irony is name of tree is called lonely tree and is my photo HA
I got alot of work a head of me I suppose but will prob just take care of it after niece birthday "Sunday" gotta take her to chuckie cheese or something
I hope they got laser tag
That's why I just started with a template and then customized it a bit. I can always pay a professional to jazz it up when the business can afford it.

edit: I just looked at your Best of Maine website and it looks better than the picture you posted. I'm still not a big fan of the bright green but the colors work together. Cut the fonts down to no more than two and it wouldn't look so chaotic.
Thank you Rick : )

Well for the colors this is what I am thinking at the moment
And I will take your advice by changing the banner to something a little more simple
So do you think I should save the original picture on front?.. I Just thought it looked a little tacky but now I think of it; it may be better for people to know upfront what machines I run

I Hate designing crap for myself


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