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So new I haven't gone through the drier yet

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New to the forum. Almost new to screen printing. I've played with vinyl cutter(s) off and on for a couple of decades (more off than on).

I have/use:
-- a Riley Hopkins Win 6/4 for screen printing,
== a conveyor dryer that's almost as old as most of you that I picked up on Craigs List (don't know make or model),
-- 18x18 Riley Hopkins flash dryer
-- AccuRIP Black Pearl
-- Separation Studio
-- Vinyl Express Q24
-- LXi Master Plus 12
-- EnduraPress 16x20 swing away heat press
-- SG400 Sawgrass Virtuoso Sublimation printer
-- Enduralam 25" cold laminator

Honestly, I haven't used half of this stuff yet and I've had it for a year. Just recently did a first real run of screen printing to do 700 shirts, front and back.

I'm here to learn and expand my skills and abilities.

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Welcome to the forums Bill :)
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