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Hello. forgive my newbieness.
Been lurking around reading all the VERY HELPFUL info in these forums.
But I have a few questions based on the stuff I have read:

-Is it possible for me, as a single t shirt printer with limited resources, to enzyme wash my shirts, and if so, how?

-Is discharge printing done SOLELY as an underbase, or is the discharge ink the color of the ink you're printing with?

-Is the smell the biggest drawback to discharge printing?

-What is the industry standard for water based textile inks?

-And can I cure my water based shirts with a heat press instead of an iron?

-Are there any plasticols out there with a softer hand? Or does that require additives? If so, what are they/it?

-Am I asking too many blessed questions already? I have so many more...

thanks in advance!
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