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So... I just started a t-shirt design business from home...

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Hi. My name is Damien. I am a graphic designer that has just started my own t-shirt design company/ I recently ran into some financial trouble. I lost my graphic design gig, so now I am taking a big leap and starting my own t-shirt design website. Savant Tees! in an attempt to pursue my dream of being an artist. I only have one shirt right now, but I am working on more.

I am looking for inspiration, information, and tips from fellow t-shirt enthusiasts and I figured a forum would be the best place to do that. Anyone wanna chat, just let me know.

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Welcome to the forum from FL.
I have a vinyl sign business and advertising business and I know how hard small businesses have to work to make a dime so Good Luck to ya
Do you do your own printing at home? where abouts are you located?
Thank you both very much. and I am located in ohio, and I print from home.
:Dyou have a nice web shop and beautiful fiancee!
i think more articles will work better, good luck to your business and your heart dream!

p.s. BIG RED is Cornell big red, right?
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Thank you very much. Big Red is my former high school football team.
Thank you very much. Big Red is my former high school football team.
You can sell them to your high school, it's much nicer than their replica tees i found from internet. and you can also make some red styles, maybe with some functional performance, like quick dry, anti-UV,..blablabla...:cool:
You can sell the tee to your high school, lol...
It looks much nicer than their own ones. And you can also make some red tee with new artworks, maybe with some functional performance like quick-dry, anti-UV, blablabal...
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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