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Like you earlier I've been only involved with screen printing. I've been slowly building a the business this past year with a home based business with the hopes of making it bigger. Having used past contacts with sports teams, I've been able to grow at a pace that has been perfect with my time constraints. This forum has been great with tons of useful info and a group of posters that have been thoughtful and always professional.
I'm interested in purchasing a heat press and have learned a great deal from the info on the site. I've got a potential job to print a two-sided white shirt with an 8X11 photo on the back and a one color screen print on the back.
I use an epson 1400 for my film and from my research here this should be a good combo with the jetpro transfer paper with the ink that comes with the printer. I've searched the site and have not been able to get a sense of how much ink I'll go thru for about 100 8 x 11 photos and like you were am a little nervous about the learning curve with transfers. Screen printing is still a work in process and am amazed still with how much better I get with each job. If you have any additional tips or thoughts on your transfer experience and difficulties, it would be great appreciated.
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