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My first tip... dont forget to peel the back of the paper off the transfer before heat pressing!! Seems to be a common sense thing but you would be surprised how many of us have done it several times.

Hmm? I guess you mean when using opaque papers? Have to specify; a lot of folks don't even use opaques at all =)

Is there a company that makes these thats considereed to be more reliable or just flat out better than the rest? Would love to know before i make such a purchase.

Not really. You should be fine with most any major company; just avoid those cheapo eBay presses made of wood and whatnot. If I had to pick one company known for excellence it would be Hix, but as I said several other brands will last for a long, long time as well.

Stay tuned :) But suffice to say, I like to "go big" when I get into stuff.

*imagines Rodney with some 50"x50" press laughing maniacly next to it like an evil overlord*
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