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To all those companies out there who want tagless t's but do not have the money to meet the overseas minimums or the custom minimums....THIS IS FOR YOU!

We are in the same boat. Right now we are using Alternative Apparel (not American Apparel). We really like the vintage softness and fit of their shirts. But most of the tags can only be cut out which looks horrible (you could remove the entire tag but it would tage a long time and cost a lot). In order to get tagless t's we need a minimum 1200 style/color for men and 1800 for women. That's a lot of shirts if you have several styles and many colors. So this is what I PROPOSE:

Let's join forces. Anyone who is interested in tagless t's please contact me asap. If we can get a groupd together we could significantly lower our overhead and our costs. It's a no-brainer. Let's start helping each other out.

Andy Sobel
[email protected]
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