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All items are from a small, low-volume shop and have been well cared for.
We may ship small items priced under $200 & able to ship via UPS. All large equipment (flash units included) must be picked up in person. We are located in Brevard County, FL.

4-color, 4-station manual screen printing press (Vastex HD2000) $2500
Excellent micro-registration. Rear clamps, can hold 23"x31" screens. Includes extra pallets for neck/sleeve/pockets, longsleeve, and youth, as well as 2 Vastex mounting plates for DIY pallets.

1-color, 1-station table-top press (Econo-Tex by AWT) $150
Independent angle & off-contact adjustments. Purchased for on-location printing demos - barely used.

Flat stock/poster vacuum press (DIY) $80
32"x48" outer dims; print area up to approx. 25" x 36"+. Hand-built with attention to detail: good airflow, well supported inside, smooth printing surface. Bottom panel can be removed to re-position vacuum or clamps. Vacuum not included. (We used a shop vac.)

Converyor dryer (Lawson Encore w/ Jet Air) $1400
8' length, 4' tunnel. 26 amp, 230v, 1ph. Plug fits standard household clothes dryer outlet. Both elements, thermostats, and most wiring replaced c. 2014. Includes add'l exhaust hood at dryer exit, and add'l insulation panelling (keep room cooler!). Tear @ belt zipper occurred when belt was replaced, has worked fine with repair ever since.

Flash cure unit (Vastex Red Flash R-18-20) $425
18x18 element. 120v, 16.5a (5-20P plug, needs 5-20R receptacle on 20amp circuit). Adjustable temp control. Includes stand & casters.

Flash cure unit (Vastex F-Flash F-1-18) $350
18x18 element. 120v, 15a (standard plug). Includes stand & casters.

Exposure unit (DIY) $450
LED unit with vacuum lid. 3' x 4', 23x31 light grid, can expose screens up to 25x36 OD. Holds very fine details. Low-iron, optically-clear glass (does not filter ultra-violet), double-hinged for easy access to components. Note: Does not include integrated timer, but one could be added.

Dip tank, on cart w/ drying rack (CCI DST-1 "Dip'N Strip) $290
Tank holds 6+ 23x31 screens, drying rack holds 12 screens, and includes "drip board" to allow chemical to drain from screen back to tank. Currently full of active reclaimer (Easiway Supra). Can be partially or fully drained prior to transport.

Washout booth (DIY) $150
Backlit w/ multi-stage filtration under sink.

(x2) open screen racks $90 each
76"h x 27"w x 24"l; holds 22 screens @ 23x31. (Can support screens down to 20"w.)

(x2) enclosed screen racks $120 each
76.5"h x 27"w x 33.5"l; holds 22 screens, @ 23x31. (Can support screens down to 20"w.)

(x25) Screens (all 23" x 31")
(x13) Statics: (3) 110, (4) 156, (2) 200, (4) 230, $140 for set
(x12) Panel Frame / Exo style: (2) 110, (2) 156, (8) 230 (Stretching tools for both types included.) $130 for set
These are all in good shape – sized for auto, but printed manual in low-volume, part-time shop.
Price for all: $240.00 (Will sell as sets or all, not individual screens.)

Plastisol - various
Rutland M2/M3 mixing system components
PRICE for all components we have: $175.00 (Quart starter kit= $795 new.)

Wilflex Epic PC mixing system kit – all colors barely used, some never. Half gall of mixing base left.
PRICE: $195.00 ($445.00 new)

One Stroke Inks – miscellaneous colors, including some ELT-S white & black
PRICE: $140 for all OSI

Miscellaneous custom mixes from the systems above, and a few other colors from other brands.
PRICE: $175 for all

In all, roughly 75 partials at quart size; a few partials at 1 gallon size; 1 half-used 5-gal of Wilflex Quick White.


Mixing scale: My Weigh iM01 PRICE: $90 ($210 new)
1000g x .01g

Pallet tape; 2 rolls (at least half left). $12.00 each

Film: Fixxons 13x19 Ordered this summer, unopened in the box $35.00

Various chemicals $50 for all.
Emulsion, reclaimer, cleaners, dehaze, etc. Some never opened, most partially used.


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