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Small pack of 13x19 waterproof positive sheets

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I am just starting to play around with the idea of screen printing. I've got a press at the school I teach at. And I teach wood shop, so I can make my own screens. Right now I just want to make a few screens to play around with. Is there a way to just buy a few 13x19 waterproof film positives to stick in my Epson 7520? The smallest quantity I've seen around is 50 sheets, which is a bit overkill since I am only playing around at this point. I'm not certain if I will even pursue it in the long run.

On a side note, I'm working on a DIY flash curer, which may be my only curing system. I'll also need to figure out a good way to expose my films for the short run. Lots of good YouTube videos on that though...
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Have you tried ebay? Sure you can find a lower quantity.
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