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Hello there :)
Me and few other friends got a screen printing machine and some other equipment for almost free so we got an idea to start a small business.
I have few questions if anyone of you is kind enough to help with:

-1. We want to order 3 x Aluminum Screen Printing Frames
2 x 110 mesh and 1 x 156 mesh
Whats the best one to have for general purpose, we will print on dark and also light t-shirts. But we want to start with a design that will be printed with gold plastisol ink. Whats best mesh to use for that and what best to use for general plastisol ink printing(white, blue, red, etc colours)?
-2. Also how many t-shirts you think we can print with 1.3galons(5lt) of plastisol ink if lets say we print simple a3 design?? Just an estimate?
-3. Beside silkscreeningsupplies.com do you know any other website with screen print equipment and possibly ink that DELIVERS TO Europe and specifically Cyprus?

Thank you in advance! :)

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I'd forget the 110's. Instead go for the 156 and 196 for general printing.
(I use 230's most of the time, myself).
For the gold ink, you'll most likely use 156 unless the mica particles are larger. Check and see what the manufacturer of the ink suggests.
You should be able to print hundreds of shirts with your ink.
I order from silkscreeningsupplies and highly recommend them. I know Don, who handles their overseas orders and he's a good guy.
Remember that you'll also need : emulsion and cleaning chemicals.
I also really suggest that you get Ryonet's silkscreening 101 dvd.
Excellent video that will help you A LOT. Very well done and you see the step by step processes done right in front of you.
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