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Small Dye Sub format equipment, opinions...

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Ok after reading thread about Ricoh problems with sawgrass etc..i think ill purchase an Epson desktop printer, today ive just received my multi purpose heat press :)

My idea is start with refillable cartridges and if my bussines rise up ill think switch to CIS in the future, so this what im thinking purchase:

-Epson B42WD 8.5x11 A4 (European model)


-Refillable cartridges here , are these correct for this model, problem free?:

Refillable Ink Cartridges for Epson T1291, T1292, T1293, T1294 (with Chip)*:: Octopus Office

Since my idea is to make small items, such as mugs etc..i guess ill stay wit ArtaniumUV+ inks, will these work with the printer and those cartridges?

Last question, in Sawgrass Europe shows Epson B40 Model not B42, is the same?, specially about ICC profile for Mac, here you can see for B40 model:

(scroll down a little bit)

Sawgrass Europe - ArTainium UV+ ICC Profile Downloads

Will this profile be compatible and work right with my B42 model???
What is important-related about-to an Icc profile, the printer you use, the ink you use, the transfer paper???
Thanks in advance mates.
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