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well, I've been viewing this forum daily since December 2005. I haven't been a big post person but do a lot of reading and viewing. Anyway I 've benn aiming to go the heat press/transfer paper route but due to no capital its been a sssslow process.
However yesterday out of the blue I had a step forward. I was able to buy 2 used Hix n840 heat presses for 300 dollars.
Checked them today to see if it worked and the heating element, pressure, and timers work on both. Only thing I gotta fix is the hydraulic to keep the top platen up.
Sorry for the long post but I wanted to share in my small step toward making my own shirts.
Now if I can save up for a wide format printer, pigment ink, air compressor, and paper, I'll really start movin.
But at least the items that I thought would be hardest to buy actually was the easiest. :):rolleyes:
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