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slip on platen, or lay on top?

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I was wondering what most people do when putting their t-shirts on the lower platen.
Do you:
  1. open the shirt and slip it over the platen with a single layer of fabric on the pad.
  2. place shirt on pad with double layer of fabric.
  3. both depending on transfer (explain please)
I have found I get a better pressing with a single layer of fabric than I do by just placing the whole "t" on top of the platen. I may be doing it wrong though -

Sorry if this has been brought up a zillion times, I searched but maybe the keywords I tried didn't zero in on similar threads.

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Larry I think you are over thinking this. Find what works best for you and go with that and from your post it appears that you have already done that. If that works best for you then that's what you go with. Personally I choose to lay the shirt on top of the platen when pressing only because I am too lazy to drape it over the bottom platen. In almost 5 years, I have tested every type of heat transfer paper and vinyl and I find that it really doesn't matter. The only time that I will slip the tee over the bottom platen is when I am doing sublimation and that is because of dye migration. Other than that it really has no effect one way of the other.
The only time I dress the platen is when I am doing sublimation. I have had the ink go through to the back of the shirt before on sublimation, but for anything else I just lay the entire T on top of the platen.
Thanks - probably right about "over thinking" this :) I have been told that before with many things LOL

I was having some problems with some transfers not fully releasing from the backing - when I went single layer they worked. Not sure, maybe just enough pressure change - or just a "fluke". It certainly is easier to just place them on top then opening and threading them on the platen.

Most people lay the entire shirt on top of the base. However, what ever works for you!
Most people lay the entire shirt on top of the base. However, what ever works for you!
I just ordered a bunch of different ones from your company to test them. I am thinking the ones I got with "issues" could be old, or maybe they weren't stored correctly at the place I bought them - was a real "hit and miss" deal.

I will be testing Pro's with entire shirt on the base platen first - it sure will be faster to get the shirts out.
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