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Slim fit T-Shirts

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I looking for slimmer fitting T-shirts. Either 100% cotton or blend. About 20in chest width and about 26in length for a mens size large.

Most companies seem to be 22in chest and 29in length.

American Apparel seems to come the closest but sometimes the cuts are inconsistent.

Does anybody no of other brands that may fit this criteria?

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks, Pete
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Unless you have your shirts sewn from specs, the closest you are going to find is 21 inches wide.
use alternative apparel
their hemlines are crooked as crap. they are cheaper. and they are just cool. the end
COntinental Clothing men's line runs about a size smaller compared to american apparel. Their fits are more euro style. Article1 has a Euro Fit tee. Judging by the style name and the look in the photo it also might be fitted.
111BC S/S Euro Fit T - Article.1
They should have specs on the site, or u can call them and ask.
Delta Apparel has a Fitted Tee also. Looks pretty narrow in the chest area. Style #11500
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