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Slightly off topic, i want to make stickers for Bouncy castles

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Hi, i run a bouncy castle business, and would like to make up large'ish stickers to put on my inflatables,
inflatable castles are made from heave duty PVC, and are stored rolled up, so i would need a vinyl which is durable, flexible & able to print my name & logo on.

can anyone advise me on this?

thanks in advance
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The least expensive way would be to have one stencil made, then paint it with Krylon Fusion.
That is a really good paint, and made for plastics, and it works especially good on PVC.
It comes in a lot of colors, and if you buy 'more' Bouncy Castles, you can just pull out the stencil and paint.

I have a bouncy castle business.........you will not find a vinyl that will stick to them.....a paint mask is your best option.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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