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I live in Ohio and around here there is a growing trend for men (especially the young men) to wear t-shirts which they have cut the arms off. This "surgery" usually removes the entire sleeve and cloth below it, extending the arm hole to almost the waist. A day didn't go by last summer when I didn't see at least one guy wearing such a shirt. At times, I have seen up to a half-dozen guys at one time wearing these shirts. Women sometimes wear them too -- usually with another top under the shirt.

Everyone I have seen appears to be home-made, however there may be manufactures who make them. One problem I have is knowing what to call them. I have been told they are "sleeveless" but this includes what many people call tank tops or "wife beater" styles. I have been told they are called "cut-out" shirts, but this also has other implications.

My mother tells me that when she was young in the 1960's, people cut off the legs on their jeans to make cut-offs and it was years and years before you could go into a store and buy cutoff jeans made in a factory. I wonder if this cut-out style of t-shirts is the same -- something that is becoming more popular but few if any stores sell?

I guess I am looking for several answers: 1. Is there a name for these shirts? If not can we use the "cut-out" or find another name everyone will agree to use. 2. In Ohio the popularity of these shirt seem to be on the rise, but as I mentioned all that I have seen appear to be home-made. Is there a market for mass-produced shirts in this style? I believe if a person could go into a store and buy one off the shelf, they would sell. 3. Does anyone know of a manufacture of this style shirt? 4. Does anyone have links to images of these shirt? I have only found a few pictures on the web which include this type of shirt.

Thank you
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