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Skull Print says 'HELLO!!'

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Well I'm FINALLY in a position to post by first thread here - it's been a mad month since I was made redundant in early April but before I'd even got home that day, I had decided to go ahead with this plan that had been bubbling in my head for about 5 years!!
So last Monday I launched Skull Print which is a DTG custom printing business with the emphasis on ethical trading. I'm also using it as a platform for the charity work I am involved with via the Hawkwind fan group.

Just like to say thanks to the guy who I approached about buying his second-hand printer and he basically told me - forget it, you'll never get any business, go back to whatever you did before....... Great selling technique ;)

Anyway, you'll find us at www.skullprint.co.uk and on FB. We've had a good first week and this second week is also shaping up nicely.

Setting up was a bit crazy to say the least and Acrorip and I nearly fell out big time but then I stopped being an idiot and worked out what I'd got wrong (nearly everything!!)

Thanks for having me, this forum has already helped me out a few times so very glad to be here.

Sam Kirwan
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Welcome to the forums Sam :)
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