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Sketchbook to Computer

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I am at a bit of a crossroads... Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I am currently creating my line and my illustration skills are top notch, but it seems that I am lacking in my ability to take that design and bring it over to the computer.

Basically I am trying to see if it would be better if I did it or if I had someone else who was more skilled do it for me. (If this is the case where I would find someone to do something like that)

Any advice?

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if you have illustrator, then its easy.
after drawing your design, ink it using a sharpie or some dark black marker, then scan it and live trace it in illustrator.
or you can trace it by hand with the pen tool
Get a Wacom pen tablet. Anyone who is seriously considering getting into any kind of digital graphic design or illustration work should own a pen tablet. Easily the best investment you will ever make.
If you have some work to get done fast send it to the vector doctor. The Vector Doctor: Raster To Vector and Typesetting Services He has great prices and gets it done and back to you fast.
Inking, scanning, and vectorizing line work works well. Make sure you scan at a high dpi, 900 would be good.

Tablet's are good to but you have to get use to them.
If the sketches are of artistic quality, you may just want to scan the images and use photoshop to clean them up and perhaps colorize the scans.

Thats how I used to do it. It would take forever though to clean up my images. But like others were saying if your drawings are simple clean lines then just ink them, scan and trace in a vector program.

I don't know if anyone else has tried it but I think using a wacom tablet in Adobe Flash is a really good way to go. I love how smooth it draws in that program and the great thing is you can export your art as an ai file once you're done.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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