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Sizing for Tultex shirts

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I just ordered my first batch of Tultex brand shirts. I got a few in each size Small-3xl in the Ladies ringspun tee 0213tc, as well as the men's 0202tc.

Before ordering them I did a google search and found the sizing chart for each tee. I compared the chart to the shirts I currently print on, district threads brand DT5000 and DT5001 and the charts were almost identical.

When I received the shirts, most of the sizes matched up except for the ladies small 0213tc. That shirt was way shorter in length than the others. I pulled out a tape measure and checked and it was about 22" in length when it should have been 25". Then the medium jumped up 26" like expected. The 3 inch difference makes the small shirt look like a kids shirts. I checked on my distributors website and they only carry two ladies ringspun tultex brand tees the 0213tc and 0216tc and neither of their smalls measures at 22". What shirt style could the 22" ladies small be? Is Tultex in the process of changing sizes or something and this is old stock? Any help would be appreciated. I'm considering switching to this brand but not if the ladies small is only 22" in length. Thanks for any help.
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