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Sizing Artwork

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Hello Everyone,

First time post long time reader....

My questions is this:

I have designs that I want to print on the front body of standard t-shirts (Allstyle,Gildan etc.) The artwork is from the bottom of the neck line down to the bottom of the t-shirt. (Please see picture)

What size do I need to make the artwork? (height and width) that will adjust from Medium up to XXL The artwork is not an all over print and will not flow onto the sleeves or on the collar. Is there a standard maximum size of a screen (e.g.17X17, 24X24 etc) that screen printers will use until it it becomes a larger full body all over print and have to use the big oversized screens?

Thanks for the help!!!!

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Unless you are going to have the bottom portion of your design flow off of the shirt, you will need one screen for each size to get a uniform look from one size to another.

What is the distance of your XXL from the collar to the bottom hem? That will tell you what screen size you will need.
Thanks for the reply,

I guess what i'm trying to do is to keep the artwork as close to the bottom of the collar down to the bottom hem and to the left and right of the shirt without flowing onto the sleeves. I want to size the artwork for the printer so that maybe he will only need to have 2 sets of screens (2 sizes) for lets say Med/large and XL/XXL. I was told that 25 inches in width was the standard and the height??????

Thanks for the replies!!!

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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