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size shows to be 906 inches big

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Opened up one of my graphics and it shows it being
<> 906.837" and for the height 903.96".
There is only one black dot to grab to make it smaller but only moves the graphic. And if I go and change the size manually to say 12 wide the whole graphic disappears.
any ideas ?
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can you scale the graphic with the toolbar controls?
I thought I deleted this message cuz I figured it out.
No when I made changes the whole graphic would magically disappear and could not be found.
And using the crosshair thing (not sure what its called) I could not see any other objects but did see little black lines. Upon closer inspection those turned out to be a number and guess it was huge.
Not sure how that happened or why.
THo I have had it happen in the past were something from page 2 was on page 1 and was huge like that.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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