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Sites like Action Illustrated

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I love Action Illustrated. Does anyone know of other sites like this for finding t-shirt art and templates? Sometimes they don't have what I need and I have to look elsewhere.

I have most of the Digital Art Solutions. I use Vectorstock sometimes as a backup, and I bought into the Rivalart, which is good for sports. I'm just looking for more of the 5K and event and business art.

Thanks to anyone willing to share. I'm no one's competition, but a lot of screen printers seem to NOT want to share information. Thank goodness for the forums.
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I just recently purchased the "elements of Style" Combo Package from Action Illustrated from the ISS AC show... I had to install Corel Because the templates and vector clip art don't get along with Illustrator CS3 very much. So far I'm happy and trying to pick up jobs so I can pay it off.

I forgot about this site, but I definitely want to jump on this next. I definitely want the Fashion Factory and the Simple Seps plugin.. but their $599 package includes a lot of clip art, templates, and a sports package as well (Which is what I wanted badly from Action Illustrated, but my GF wanted the elements of style package)...
advancedtshirts.com - Bundles

See if that is something you are looking for. The monochrome clipart is something I'm interested in as Action Illustrated doesn't have that type of art.
Advancedthsirts.com all the way!!!

Action is expensive and doesn't play well in the sand box with other corel addons.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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