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The forum upgrades are complete and all the little bugs that go with an upgrade should be squashed.

Still see something "off", feel free to post or PM any questions.

Some of the improvements include:
  • Less steps to QuickReply to a message. Thanks to Ajax (the web 2.0 overhyped technology, not the sink cleaner :)), you can quickreply to a post without having to reload a new page.
  • Less steps to edit a post (same technology, similar function)
  • Better "Unread Thread" tracking so you can keep up with what's new.
  • Forum subject descriptions on more pages (so you know you're posting your question in the right place)
  • Four Fine Threads - We're now featuring 4 "featured" thread on the homepage of www.t-shirtforums.com to showcase some notable and interesting topics. You can post or PM your thread suggestions at any time :)
  • Email addresses posted to the forum are now automagically converted into image graphics to protect the emails from spambots. I still don't recommend posting your email address to a public forum like this, since it can invite all types of unwanted solicitation. Using the Private Message (PM) and Send Message Via Email (available on the users profile page which you can reach by clicking on their username) functions are much safer.
  • Much More to Come!
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