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Can you please rate my site? Thanks

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Site Review.... Be honest please!!! :)

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Hi there,

I made some changes to my homepage but I'm not pretty confident about the changes that I made.

Please take a few seconds to review my site... if you have some comments... negatives or positives... please let me know. There are a lot of experienced t shirt designers here and your comments definitely will be appreciated.

An extra click for the poll will work too.. thanks

BTW... the site is on my signature...
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You have a nice looking website and designs. One suggestion is... If you have all that webspace on your front page that is empty from where you scroll downward . Why not fill it with designs, Alot of people will only click to the first page and if they dont see something that grabs their attention they are gone. So if you are gonna have to scroll downward, fill that space with designs.
Generally much better than the average Cafepress site....although it does look a little.....Walmarty....
I think your site looks nice.

I would suggest you go to a forum with website designers rather than asking Tshirt designers.

That is like posting on a website designers forum if they think Sub Dying is better than Silk screening :)
That is like posting on a website designers forum if they think Sub Dying is better than Silk screening
Actually, a lot of members here are experienced website designers (sometimes t-shirt site owners wear many hats :)) Getting feedback from people in your industry can have be useful.

In addition to that, a lot of us are t-shirt "buyers" in a consumer sense, so it can also help to get feedback from a potential customer point of view.

But you're right, there are lots of web design forums out there that allow for website "critiques" that may be able to give more varied opinions.
Good header graphic. Too text heavy. Google ads would discourage me from purchasing.
Why is everything jammed up at the top?
I'll be honest. A lot of the 'slogans' you have on your shirts are not original. You have a good idea, but may want to come up with some original stuff that sets you apart and that your customers can't get anywhere else.

Just a thought. Good start though.
I like the check out....is it a cafepress site?

something is missing but I can't put my finger on it.
Yes Ken, it's a Cafepress site, I tried to modify it in order to get a different kind of Cafepress site.

Tks for the comment.
You might want to change the background from white if possible. I seem to be background crazy when reviewing new t-shirt sites. I'd also add more text to give it a more personal touch, the designs are ok. The colour scheme also looks fine. :)
i would get rid of one of the columns and off center the page....change the background to a light greyish and get rid of the google stuff at the bottom if you can
I too am not fond of the Google ads at the bottom. Especially if an ad for another place to purchase t-shirts pops up. just my 2¢
the grid keeps everything organized but on an all white background looks kinda plain.
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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