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I have a business called Oh My Buddha and live in Thailand in the winter. I am a photographer and have an import biz - www.buddhaimports. I made the site using Godaddy and their shopping cart. I did Dreamweaver myself for my photo site, Chip Olson Photography Home Page but that was a pain.

I have a new line of Buddha art and was planning to introduce a line of Tshirts and Sportswear and wanted to do some Buddha baby prints as well. I even bought a DTG printer to digitally print myself. But I have changed gears again, probably selling the DTG and re-starting my old custom printing biz while I am stateside.

I am making the website now. Again using Godaddy, but templates they have and ultimately the shopping cart. Any feedback would be cool, Flash Intro Page

Good luck with your business. You will do well I'm sure.

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