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Site Not Selling! Anyone know why?

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Hi Guys,

I have had a good run on eBay and have now got my website up and running. I have come off eBay because they keep removing my listings because I offer them the chance to select a colour and size.

The problem is that my site is getting plenty of hits and around 40-50% of visitors go to my interface page but no one buys anything. I have asked my interface suppliers to amend the logo prices to a view cost and this should be done very soon.

Can anyone give me any idea, is the site too dull, too cluttery, too simple or just not good enough. Any honest feedback is welcome as google is killing my finance and after nearly a month i have been billed nearly £500 with no sales. Typical google, allways thinks that people want to pay high prices for first page, not in my case.

My site can be found here Welcome to Prints 2 Go! - Index Home Page and the decoration page can be found here Prints 2 Go Creating Your Product Together

Any advice anyone?:confused:
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Im a web Designer so im biased based to the type of work I do.

My very first impression was its professional but there is way to much going on and tooo many options. I would simplify everything down to basics.
EX: NFLShop.com
Yes its nfl but they make it easy to find things. When there are too many options and things to do people get overwhelmed and probably not going any further than the main page. (This should be able to be seen if you have tracking set up) Its a proven study people that get overwhelmed on a website will actually leave to find something they dont have to think about. Forgive me for not finding the study for you but its a known thing for designers. Over all yes its professional and nice but needs to be condensed down alot.

Another site I love is smartlevels.com this is a guidline i would follow.

You can have all the traffic in the world but if you cant keep peole on your site its worthless.

Thats just my 2cents.
Thanks for your advice. To be honest I am a little confused now as i have been advised that m index page had too little to offer and that I need to add product images and links to the interface.

I built the website myself and I and never satisfied with my the sites that I have built so I guess i will never be happy with them. However, this one really got me as I have coe unstuck as to what to display and not display.

Maybe I should just have a simple image advertising christmas with say a t-shirt, mug, puzzle, hoody and so on flying out of santas bag.

What do you think or is that overwhelming?

Thanks for your honest response.
Right now the most important thing on your front page appears to be the bit about the Lucky Dip. Before people even have a chance to figure out what you do you're telling them "we'll give you free stuff if you order". It seems a bit desperate.

Right now, I think you're biggest problem is it isn't really clear from your home page what it is that you do. If you take some time to look around the site you can figure out that you allow people to personalize various things like t-shirts and other promotional items. It also looks like you have a design lab, which is great, but it takes a long time to load and people may not be inclined to wait.

Your landing page should talk about what you have to offer and why people should work with you. That's what draws customers in.
I like the "design it yourself" interface, but I think it's too complicated and too time consuming for the average customer. People want to click and buy with as little fan-fare as possible. If I click on "sublimation mugs" down on the page, the interface opens displaying a mens hoodie. It's not plainly evident that the menu at the top allows you to select the product. Could be that people click on a mug or a mousepad, see a hoodie and give up.

I also agree with Kristine. You sort of have to look around a bit to figure out that you have "design-it-yourself" concept there. Most people will be looking for something to click and buy. I thought about doing something like that, but found that most people don't want to design it themselves. A lot people have a hard time grasping the concept that we can print any photo on any product on the website. They are used to seeing a product with some sort of design on it. If they like the design they buy it.
Hmmmmm, you guys have made some valid points there. Ones that I never thought of like free gifts if you order. I will remove that one now. The software isnt mine and is a subscription from RSK Tech which was nominated top online t-shirt software but to be honest I have had so many problems with them that I am thinking of sticking my fingers up, not paying and cancelling. But that is desperate measures and I have no other options as yet.

Right, so i guess i will be amending the index page and spell out that we do personalised products. I have a few designs of my own but it is not enought to display. I spend too much time trying to sort out my site and what orders i do get that I have no time to design any of my own.

Out of interest, where do i go to get rights to resell logos and images? Any clues or directions would help as i have many that I cant sell due to copyrights and trademarks.
I didn't take too much time at your site but I clicked on mouse pads and the page took quite a while to load and it wasn't mouse pads at all it was a Man's Hoody.
Hope you get it figured out.
I also think get rid of the Lucky Dip. The noise on the Pencil menu is annoying. One problem looking at the ads by google,they are advertising other print companies, do you choose which ads appear ?.
I would not have the links page/Web directory, seems to be loads of stuff. Do you need them ?.
When I go to the create your own, I clicked on Baseball caps and then I can't seem to find them ?. You have too many menu options, like the web designer person stated. Now finding the pencils a real pain. You have the contact us link pencil then it has a submenu of contact us ?.
I have to go now, may try and add more tomorrow.

Regards Obeseman
This is brilliant. I wish I done this ages ago, now I am getting honest feedback about site problems that not even my friends and family would tell me about.

Thanks guys, keep them coming.
Not too bad of a site, however, it is very busy! I think I would change many things! I personally would break down the "kids" garments ( I wouldnt use the work garments or "consumables") I would have a link for lets say teens and from there a choice of links to a tshirt, pants, shorts, jackets or whatever it is you do. You could even go further with the shirts and break them down to long sleeve, short sleeve and sleeveless.
I did not peek at the "kids" link but personally I would break it down by age groups. You have lumped all "kids" together, I would have a link for "babies", "toddlers" and "teens" That will make each page have a cleaner look and not be so confusing. For the "consumables" I would break that down as well, have a page for teddy bears, one for mouse pads and coasters one for puzzles and whatever. I would take a look at others sites and note how "clean" and easy it is to navigate around. You also have large paragraphs, lot to read as well as alot of misspelled words! Too many choices! I would definetly try and cut it back to make it less cluttered, easier to navigate and maybe add to it as you go along. Just my opinions, hope I didnt offend you!

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you didnt offend me at all. I would rather hear all this as negative leads into positive. The spellings got me though as i used the spell checker unless it is coming out with american spellings as i know that some words are spelt differently.

However, since the feedback yesterday and the small changes I have allready made, I have made a sale today from the site. Coincidence or an affect?
Keep them coming. I will work on them as i get the results, just more than I expected which as I said earlier, its good to get negative feedback rather than positive.

Thanks again

(p.s. i didnt use spell checker on this reply, lol got me paranoid now)

Just to add to your last comment, I find it more offensive when people dont like something and they say its nice or its great to only find out it was trash. Rather have honest comments like yours. One thing I learnt when working for a big American car company "Negative feedback is better than positive feedback as it means that you have something that you can work on". Never forgotten that and allways believe it to be true.
Right, I have been looking around and I think I have the right idea now as how to make it simple smart and tidy to use. Will pause google and all other search engines and work on it as from tomorrow. Will be back on here once its done so that you guys can let me know what youthink of the second version.

Thanks again guys but keep them rolling in. The more the better.
Just checked your site, and I must say I'm impressed at the changes you have made so far! Very nice...:)

Keep it up and before you know it you will have loads of sales! Glad you didnt take offense at my opinions and I understand about the spelling, please do not become paranoid about it LOL!!! I'm not perfect by any means and I do misspell words all the time especially when in a hurry, I only pointed it out because I didnt know if you were aware of it, I even get lazy and do not use coma's and hyphens where I should!

Good luck with your site, your doing a great job so far!


I got to thank you. You have given me the boost to expand and explore. If a funny kind of way I appreciate critics if you know what I mean.

Right, as for the home page I have redesigned it all and the other pages will follow. As christmas is coming I have added a christmas image to it to give the feel of buying presents. I think it is much better, cleaner and entertaining. I was inspired by another site so hope it works. Once it is complete I will upload it and let you know.

Thanks again....
The front page looks a lot better. It's much more to the point and clear. People can get a much better idea of what you do from seeing the new page.

There are a few additional suggestions I would make. One is to delete the links page. I'm not sure what the purpose of that page is or what it's meant to do, but I'd guess it isn't helping you much. Generally links pages are for people who can provide complimentary services, or to point out partners you'd like to acknowledge. Your current links page is just a mash-up of stuff. Frankly it looks like you didn't quite know what you were doing so you just threw everything on there.

Also, your portfolio page needs some work. The first thing I would do is get rid of the header that says "our portfolio so far since opening Prints2Go.co.uk". It looks as though your portfolio is only those two jobs you have listed. If that is all you've done you won't inspire confidence in future customers by pointing it out. You'd be much better off saying "our portfolio spotlights some of our favorite work" or something like that. In that way, you can have only a few jobs mentioned without anyone wondering why you're only mentioning a few jobs. You might also consider renaming your portfolio and calling it testimonials. Customers are often influenced by reviews from other satisfied customers.
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I'm very glad I could help! I think your on the right track now, because # 1 you were so open to suggestions and criticisim and # 2 you have already made so many changes, good changes! and lastly, you can't go wrong with all the great advise from the great people here on this board...:) I myself do ALOT of reading and have learned so much from everyone here in the few months I have been a member, and the month I was a lurker...lol.

I'll look forward to seeing your finished web site!

LINKS pages arent usually for anyone but the site webmaster.. A links exchange is a way to get people to link to you, if you link to them.. That is one way to get your page ranking up there in google.. the more people link to you, the better.. so if you can trade, it works out very well.

On the other hand, you dont really NEED to have it linked from the main page, you really can just have a page of links that is not linked to anything else.
Yes the links page will come off but still on the server and yes it is only for linking purposes which is why there is no point in working hard to keep it looking tidy. So this page will no longer be visible.

However, I have just finished the index page which can now be viewed Welcome to Prints 2 Go! - Index Home Page I think it is much better looking, neat and tidy. I will be placing some images of some garments that I have done so far so to demonstrate what we are about or maybe have the little gallery that is already on the index page.

Portfolio I agree, I may just amend the whole lot. Anyway, the reast of the pages will be based on the index format, all the pencils will be removed and maybe a tidy set of link with bullets.

Let me know what you think so far.

Any again, thanks for all your feedback, it really does help.

Hi Paulo,
If I'm not mistaken you are Portuguese Right?
Well, if you are make it two.
About your site, independently how it looks, (I didn't see it before the changes) the problem in my personal opinion is that there are a very fast growing number of that kind of "design it yourself " sites. Internet is starting to be flooded with them, and as mention by sicSRT8 and rrc62 (Ross) people don't like to lose time, specially with something that's time consuming, and in the end even if it was done by yourself (the customer) you'll get the feeling that's something missing, that's not quite right, may well have everything you want but it's square, if you know what I mean?
I bet you had much nicer experiences, and more sales when you had only eBay, before the website? why? Because the customers all they had to do was sending you a photo by email and say "I want a mug printed with this photo" or "I need a couple of tees with this logo" and left the rest with you. Most part of the time they would be pleasantly surprised with your work.
Just my point of view, sorry if I'm wrong.
But if you are going to keep the site why don't you put direct links on the images that you've got from Xpres?
That way people would go direct to the items they want.
Carlos ;)
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