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Basic idea is good and there is a lot I like but it seems a little difficult to navigate and is really busy, wordy and hard to read. Right off you have a mis-spelled word that stands out in your flash banner. "We Breathe Screen Printing".
There seems to be grammer errors, words running together and mis-spelling throughout the site.
It's not good that your phone number gets cut when the images shift
The site looks nice. The layout is nice and clean too. The only two things I would change:

1. the gray/white background with the white text. (My friend said it's a little hard for him to read since hes colored blind, the where the lighter background and the white lettering come together he can't distinguish the difference.) Maybe try an all black background and keep the white and yellow text.

2. I would maybe get rid of the sun flares on the headers for each category as well. But that's just my opinion, I like things to be easy to read and easy on the eyes.

Best of luck with the site!
I think it looks good, they only thing I could say initially is I am not a fan of the laser eyes. I like the guy but I think the lines going across take away from the banners, its a little distracting. But otherwise clean and professional looking.
Nice cutting edge design
-It is too busy.
-Definately fix the spelling of "breathe" as pointed out by Sport T.
-What's the purpose of the TV? I clicked on it -excitedly- thinking a little tv show was gonna come on and nothing happened. I'd get rid of TV.
-I agree about the lasers... at first I thought it was cool because i thought they were pointing to something specific on one of the images.. but then they stayed = distracting and not needed = busy busy. -Keep the guy- get rid of the lasers
-Get rid of the "Winter" special because it's Spring time now! woot woot!
-If it were me, I'd get rid of all those boxes of information at the bottom and utilize a drop down box instead.. by doing that your customer would be more focused on your overall ad (whatever you want that to be like the winter special or what not)
-Id get rid of the frong unless he is a sidekick for the superhero..otherwise definately lose the frog as it takes away from the superhero. Maybe give the frog a cape if you want to keep him
-Instead of "Digital Printing" rename it Gallery
-I clicked on the banner and nothing happened
-HOLY CRAP! I clicked on digital printing expecting to see a gallery and got another huge busy page of reading!! people dont want to read all that esp if they are expecting to see pictures!
-I clicked on buy blanks and it took me to another page. popup. I dont like popups. I'd advise against it. However, THAT page was a bit better design wise but it was quite busy too.
-I really liked your Social bar link that pops up...buuuut none of the links work
-Id suggest an FAQ page
-I clicked on Shop our store and nothing happend

After spending some more time on it I realized I am not real sure the intent of the website? I clicked on screen printing but that just gave me some info on different techinques. Nothing to buy or anything. Is this just an inforamtional website?
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1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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