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simple stock designs needed

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I need some sport clip art for pocket design. Coach wants each player to have name and which sport they participate. So some kids will have volleyball and soccer ball on front. Where can I get good quality clip art which I can then bring into Wilcom and combine name?
Also would like nautical and beach art .

I am new to embroidery, with a single head Barudan.
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Try openclipart.org. formats jpeg,png & svg. All free to use commercially.
Try openclipart.org. formats jpeg,png & svg. All free to use commercially.
I am looking for .dst files. I see dakotacollectibles.com is such a site. I am willing to pay for the art, but I am looking for a specific subject in the sports category and would like t-shirt forum best users choice. tx
Ah - you don't want clip-art, you want designs that are already digitized. Have a look at Machine Embroidery Downloads: Designs & Digitizing Services from EmbroideryDesigns.com, and type what you are looking for in their design search box on the left.
If you sign up for an account from EmbroideryDesigns.com they have a lot of great sales throughout the year. Last year I bought thousands of designs for 90% off sale.
You can also try Great Notions for stock embroidery designs. They are reasonably priced and run fairly well. Downloadable Great Notions, Country Stock Designs, Embroidery Fonts & more at GreatNotions.com If you have a problem with one of their designs they will fix it.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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