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Hi, I have simple seps 4 and an epson 4900 that I am in the process of bringing back to life!
Using initial charge with original inks I got the C/VM channel back to life but no others.
I am purchasing some empty ink carts with (ARC) chips and have thus far not pushed cleaning fluid through carts using eject/initial ink charge using the adjustment program.

My Plan
1) Using simple seps raster and simple seps 4 I intend on outputting graphics/film with the the rich black option which just prints from the CMYK channels!
In researching the epson 4900 for just using CMYK, the paired channels are C/VM,
PK/MK/LK ( interchangeable blacks depending on substrate used apparently ) and

Thus far I have empty carts for the cyan, vivid magenta, matte black and yellow.

My actual question/s after all that writing is this.

If I am printing film possies out using rich black option in simple seps 4 ( YMCK ) do I need any other carts other than the ones I am getting?

Also when outputting film/files using the rich black option is which black does it actually use? Is it matte black or photo black and does the light black play any part in the rich black output?
Do I need to get empty carts for all the blacks in that same paired channel to push cleaning fluid through?

Just don't want to spend anymore than is needed right now, I will eventually be getting replacement carts for all colours with dye inks if i can revive this machine from hell.

Cheers for your time.
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