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Silver Chrome Vinyl

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not 100% sure this is the right place for this post.. it kinda is about the press but more about the vinyl??

If not really sorry for posting in wrong place.

I have recently had an order for silver vinyl on various coloured T-shirts, so I went ahead and bought some cool flex silver chrome.. it looks really really nice, but when I pressed it onto the tshirts I noticed it was a lot thicker than all other vinyls I've used and though it looks like it's all stuck down it does look like it wouldn't be too hard to catch one of the ends and pull the vinyl straight off..

I'm a little worried about giving out the tshirts only for them to come back pretty quickly once they all start pealing off :(

has anyone else used this kind of vinyl (I can tell you where I got it from if thats allowed??)

and has anyone got any tips to help make sure they won't come back.. (ie can I put it back under press and apply a bit more pressure for 10 secs - or more, just to be sure??)

Cheers in advance

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Wow no answer :( I would have thought some has some advice in using thicker vinyl and make great sure it doesn't peel :(
All you can do really is apply it per the manufactures specs... without knowing the brand of vinyl no one can really give you any tips

And yes you can say what brand vinyl it is

ah cool cheers Jeron..

It's from here... Coolflex Garment Vinyl - by the metre | MDP Supplies

and it's the Silver Chrome..

I don't think there is anything wrong with the vinyl really, just looking for tips on pressing thick vinyl and making sure it's not gonna peel :)

I've followed their recommendations, so should be good, just a bit scared of the tshirts coming back..

(sorry I'm still a noob)


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Ok... I'm mainly a screen printing guy but just barely getting into vinyl.. my suggestion is to test for yourself. Wash it, dry it, try and peel it off, stretch it... 100 people could come on here and tell you what you should do but that still may not work for you. Still listen to the opinions, and hopefully someone will give you some that knows more then me, but then it's up to you to test it to make sure it's a quality product

Do a sample, wash and dry it, then try and peel it off... if it pulls easy you'll probably have a problem... if it won't come off that easy then your probably fine..

Cool cheers I'll give that a try..

I used to do screen printing but I just didn't like it, the mess, the smell (cleaning solution), so recently moved to vinyl :)
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