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silkscreeningsupplies.com - Any coupon codes?

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Does anybody have any coupon codes for this site? I am going to order the semi-pro kit and any coupon will help out. Also, what do you guys think about this kit? Is this pretty good for a starter business? Thanks for any help.
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I think when you give out your coupon, it doesnt work when you try again.

As for the kit, tis a great starter.
You willneed to upgrade some major parts soon, but you can learn the ins and outs, and then decide what you need.
I have no problems recommending this kit. You get EVERYTHING you will need. Sure its not all industry standard name brand expensive stuff, but you WILL learn to screen.
And like I said, you can decide if you need a press with Micro reg, or a conveyor dryer, or a washout booth. Or a exposure unit. The one they give you is made from PVC tubing, and a halogen light. Pretty budget, BUt heres the kicker, it works.

Good luck!
Does the 10% off coupon apply to Presses (Automatic?) too?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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