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Hey everybody,

I searched the egyptian market (my country) to find transfer paper (good one) i found this product at one of the biggest suppliers..its called Sihl (the manufacturer) made in germany (the label says) T-Shirt Transfer Paper Soft Feel... the whole pack contain 20 sheet A4, singel sheet for 4.65 EP = 0.86 USD
Its too cheap thats clear and its only for light colored fabrics and the manufacturer dont produce paper for dark fabrics...it has a stripped back and sensor strip on the front side and the paper whole looks transparent and too light..
here is a link for product details

and i found another one which was for 7.50 EP = 1.38 USD it was in a plastic bag 100 sheets and they looked so cheap
i couldnt differentiate between its back and front it was heavy and opaque and i couldnt find any product details on it just "White transfer paper" :S:S:S:S

now the queistion is has any one tried this Sihl paper ??
and wat is the difference between the dark and light colored transfer paper (form looking) ???
and how to know which product is better by comparison ??
i already know that u say JETPRO is the best but its not available here...so i may buy online...

But for now wat about Sihl ?????
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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