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Signlab & cdl files conversion

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I hope someone can help me or at least advise me the best way to go..

I have over 12 years of artwork files all in CDL format as we have Signlab 6.1 on an old XP machine. This PC has now died and I am stuck with all these files I cannot open as we now have a laptop with windows 7 and a PC with windows 8 on.

We only used Sign lab to cut (heatpress vinyl). All the art working is done on Illustrator or Corel. We do have a copy of Flexi10 which came with a cheap cutter last year, but that will not let you open cdl.
I have been looking in to how I can convert all the CDL files so I can use them, but it will take forever even if I had access to sign Lab.

I really don’t want to buy the new version of SignLab as it is only going to be used for cutting and opening old customers artwork. We don’t need it for all extras.

Has anyone any ideas?

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Clare, I have iDesignR Pro that uses cdl files. I don't know if they are compatible or not. PM me with a single file and I will see if I can open it and resave as something else: eps; cmx; or whatever. Dane
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