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Does anyone use Signcut with AI? Willing to help a newbie??
I just started using AI and was playing most the night but I am having issues and wanted to know the process.
Is it Adobe Photoshop - Save to AI (save as - as a .ai file)then open in AI and send to SignCut??
I keep trying and it goes to open signcut to try to open something (shows the green open file) but comes up blank.
I have tried to put the file saved as actually in the import file but the way I am doing it - I will need to save the art 3 times before I actually cut.
If anyone is using both could you please pm me and help me get it set and maybe help with a few photoshop editing questions too (how to do a select and cut, how to edit the outline, create cut items - stuff like that. Thanks so much.
:) :) Anyone :) :)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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