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Hi everyone,

I have never made signs before, I usually stick to car decals.

I just picked up a job making 6 signs that are 2ft. x 1.6ft.
The design goes on both sides so it's actually 12 cuts and installation.

The design just says:


The lettering and arrow are just basic block and the design pretty much fills the whole sign.

The customer provided the actual signs and vinyl, I'm just cutting/weeding and installing.

Any help would be appreciated, thank you!

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Nothing huh? Not even a ballpark figure? Well I said $10 a sign, was that cheap or expensive?
$10 a sign would be a great price since you just cutting, weeding, and applying, if they go for it all the better.

We would probably sell the complete job, sign, stake, vinyl and application for $12-$14 each.

Hope this helps.
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