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Hey everyone

I actually asked some transfer-related questions a couple months ago, but never introduced myself. However, just launched my store (Sick On Sin) today so figured I would make the proper introduction!

I carry shirts with various cute designs that are drawn by my husband (hurray for hooking up with an artist!). I am lucky because my husband does a fairly popular comic (Orneryboy) and due to the link on his site, have had a very good first day of sales!

I use plastisol transfers - some of which have 6 colours total. My shirts are American Apparel (I wanted a sweatshop free, quality, Canadian-distributed brand with lots of style/colour options...plus, I like their fit/feel).

I am so happy to finally be launch - I started working on the store over 3 months ago! It took me forever to find a transfer supplier - and go figure after 2 months of searching I ended up finding out about one 40 mins away from me. They are called Spot 98 (Toronto) and their quality is the best I have found. Only takes about 5 secs to press them!

Anyway - enough with the verbose-ness! If you check out Sick On Sin, would love to hear your thoughts on my site / products.


(PS - this is such a great forum! I pass the link on to anyone that asks me for shirt making info!!)
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