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I am not at a printing/t-shirt company, rather a "customer". I want to get a selection of custom graphics tees made just for myself. I don't want one time use company promo tees, rather something that would last for years. So far I ordered like 10, but none looks/fits like a mall-bought brand tee. I probably have to get those re-done on different material or companies.

I ordered about 10 custom t-shirts on 3 different base materials (hanes 5250, hanes beefy-t, FOTL), 5 different colors from 3 different t-shirt custom printing companies.
Most were 0.5"...2" smaller in the chest width than the standard 22" for size L. I think the FOTL was good size, but thin material so I would prefer some thicker like the other 2 I tried.
I also ordered one blank hanes 5250 in XL that was exactly correctly 24" wide and soper loose on me. While the other 6 printed hanes 5250 were all smaller than their advertised size 22"/L. I washed one at 40C (label says 30C) so far, that shrunk further by an inch or two at least.
Is it possible that the original size issue occurred during heat transfer itself? I ironed the blank hanes tee and it shrunk from 24" to 23".

What to do with this issue? Should I always consider one size up for heat transferred t-shirts? Or just the thicker ones? Or is it that the printing companies got cheap rejects that were smaller than the ebay individually sold ones or something? Are these considered cheap junk tees? Is there a blank that is comparable to nike/adidas? Do any printing companies use those?
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