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Should I post my design pics for review

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Never mind, Dumb question.
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1. Art is such an individual thing, why is us reviewing them so important? If you post the work here, and more people hate it than like it, are you going to scrap them? I hope not. And if not, what's the point?

2. Of the billions of children's designs in the market, what makes yours so different and steal-able? Of all the issues of starting a business, someone stealing your designs should be the least of your worries. I know they are your baby, and you think they are the best things since the invention of design, but honestly how different could they be from the billion other childrens' designs in the marketplace? Why would someone want to steal them. And even if they did, they are still faced with the same obstacles as you; marketing and selling them. I would concentrate on your marketing and sales strategies and stop worrying about the non-existent threat of design theft.
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My answer as Dumb Question should have said it all to you. I think I realized everything you already stated by my mere "Dumb Question" response. I am only human. Thanks for the lovely advice.

I wasn't responding to your revised post, I was responding to your original one. You must have edited it while I was in the middle of typing mine.

Sorry if you thought I was being rude, I was simply answering your original question honestly. It's difficult to know who is posting to get straightforward answers from those who are looking to have their hand held and be told everything will be right with the world. I choose to assume everyone wants straight answers.
Well that's understandable. No hard feelings. I am just very excited about my accomplishments and was thinking about sharing them with the community, but not sure if I want to yet.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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