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Been doing HTV shirts and having great success with it. I want to move into screen printing, but wow... a ton of options. Is there just a list of things to buy somewhere??
1) screen press... how to go cheap and not get complete junk??

2) ink... speedball or plastisol??

3) screens... wooded, aluminum? Which mesh for what??

4) flash dryer or heat gun and already owned press??

5) parchment paper? Or use already owned teflon?

6) what is the spray everyone uses?? Is it necessary?

7) bulbs.... well... my half bath will become my new darkroom...sooo...theres that.

8) squeegee... which one??

Its so many options and so much to choose from for a newbie. Im determined though. Im going to do this.

If you guys were starting out and planning to do 2-4 colors (2 colors for my own logo, so thats already guaranteed) what would you buy?? Im on a budget and trying to keep it around $400-$500. Im working from my living room, so i dont need crazy big commercial equipment. I have a business license... is there a wholesaler i can get better pricing with than amazon prices??

Ive researched and been watching youtube videos like crazy, but its so much im still full of questions. Any help would be awesome and greatly appreciated!
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