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Hi I'm looking to get a new automatic, and so far have talked with Workhorse, Anatol, and M&R. I was initially set on Workhorse bc I saw them at a show and they had printers helping promote their autos, who use their equipment at their shops. Look like very solid machines, M&R compatible, plus I really like the idea of the flashback. Thinking of 6 color Cutlass or Sabre (might be too pricey). I also really liked the look of the Anatol Volt being all electric, and wouldn't have deal with the compressor (I don't know much about compressors), but the Volt seemed a bit too pricey. I also read somewhere that their parts were difficult to find. Then M&R, the only auto presses I have ever ran have been M&R. It would be a smooth transition. Unfortunately they are pricey and I can only afford an all air driven press. I have yet to talk to Ryonet about the Roq, but have a feeling that will be too pricey and too large for the shop. Anyone out there have any advice on what I should go for?
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