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Hey guys,
My name is Marcus Patten. Like you guys, I'm desperately trying to start my clothing line, Notorious Graffiti. To begin, I guess I'll give a little intro about the idea and what I want to do.

Well, Notorious Graffiti is a brand that combines my love for video games with my love for the complex hip hop world. All the shirts I see nowadays only have random quotes from songs and i find that to be really boring. As a comic book artist, I wanted to base my brand off of 4 characters that I would call the H00ligans. Each character represents one aspect of hip hop. With my brand, I want to give my customers something different from the norm. I want them to wear dope designs that will make them unique as well.

Home · Notorious Graffiti · Online Store Powered by Storenvy

This is my storenvy shop. I only have 3 designs up, but I love for you guys to check them out and critique me on my work and my ideas. I use printaura as my print on demand service. Thanks for reading and stay Notorious
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