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I need to print 340 shirts. I usually just do jobs by by myslef, but this is a bit larger than most of my jobs. I recruited a buddy of mine to give me a hand. Since ive never had anyone help me (besides catching them coming out of the dryer and layingthem flat), I looking for info on the best way to set up the shop.

I have enough room and i wired the place using the drop down electrical outlets that allow me to move around the dryers and what not. So what kind of set up works best for a two man team?

I am using a 4 color 2 station press and I need to flash the prints for a nice bright white on black. I have a conveyor dryer to finish the shirts and a box usually catches them when they come out.

So, here are the steps and you tell me whats the most productive method for a two man teams.

#1 load shirt
#2 print
#3 flash
#4 cool
#5 print
#6 remove and place in dryer
#7 catch and lay flat

I could let the shirts build up in the catch box and flatten them later, but if the steps are done right, I feel it can be done at once.

What do you guys think? Any ideas on the best method?
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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