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Shop cleanliness and maintenance schedule

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Hello to everyone! I've been in commercial printing for almost 20 years, but new at managing a screen printing shop. I have one question. Does anyone have (or know) where I can get a cleanliness and overall shop maintenance schedule? I want the machines and shop to remain as clean as it can get on a regular basis. We use spray adhesives, which is always fun to clean up. Any advise would be great. Plus, any recommendations on cleaning products too. Thanks!
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A: Stop using spray adhesive. Fixes 99% of your cleaning problems
B: We develop skeds for everything we do. Start with a list, decide whether it is a hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly or yeqarly item and use a spreadsheet to create the list, then print the required copoies needed.
Every shop is different.

Clean as you go is our motto. We bring factory techs in at intervals for tune ups and maintenace. Avoids staff overaching their abilities.
Thanks! Yea, I hate the spray adhesive. I've seen some that spray on from a spray bottle, and others that you brush on. What do you guys use?
This stuff is quite good at getting rid of glue, cleaning pallets etc.
Ickee Stickee Unstuck Palette Adhesive Cleaner Quart [QT] - $19.95 : Franmar Chemical, The Soy People

We usually use Tek Bond or Permaset glue, water it down and apply it with a brush.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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