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Shop Activity Breeds Sales Activity?

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I tend to see more sales from the CP Marketplace in the day or two immediately following the addition of new designs to my shop-- not only more activity of the designs just added, but of all the items in the shop. If I go for a short period of time without adding or changing anything on the site, the number of visits and sales decline significantly.

Is it my imagination, a coincidence, or a trend that others have seen also?

I have only had the shop open a few months, but have seen decent numbers in that time. I'm just trying to get a better understanding of the market so I can improve. Thanks for any input.

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I've tried many things but my activity has dropped significantly. I add new content quite a bit but my sales have gone from around $300/month to $115. I've only had a few sales in the last few weeks. One thing I hate is when someone adds a new design and just changes a kids name. It seems they go through book of most popular kids names and submits a design for the first 50. It takes up the first 3-4 pages of designs.

I've gone back in to my media basket and changes tag lines and key words to see if that helps but not more action still. I don't have a lot of time to spend on it since I work full time and run a couple other businesses besides. It was nice when commissions from CP was funding the activities of my other businesses but now, not so good.
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