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Shoe blanks

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Hi everyone! I'm new to the site - lots of great information here for a wannabe entrepreneur!
I'm still working on my business model and want to add shoes to the mix. Is there anywhere to get shoe blanks that you know or have heard of?
Thanks! :)
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Hi Dave,

What kind of shoes do you need? leather shoes, sports shoes, or other? Maybe someone else and I can recommend some suppliers for u but you have to let us know what kind of shoes you need.

i was thinking of printing on shoes too but dont have any idea how.
do u know of a supplier that has shoes like the old school converse?
Skate shoes would be easiest to sell to my demographic. Also trying to find a decent supplier of blank boards so I can sell custom decks too.
Skateboards u can get on ebay for the cheap kind, just top put ur artwork on it. If u want real nice usable ones u can get them too. Ut u would need to buy a minimum of 50 decks.

Pm me n i can send u a link of where i was going to get mine, theyre reasonable but if u want real cheap then u buy from china but u need to order 1,000s hehe thats way too much.

How are u gonna print on the decks? Some use
Vinul stickers but i dont really know how they do it. Some use silk screen n i dont know either. I think the vinyl stickers would look nicer but dont know how durable they are.
I'm also thinking of buying decks for my brand. If you google skateboard manufacturers you would get lots of results. They usually offer low minimums like 20 or 25. They seem to have very great quality. I would choose the 100% Canadian Maple Made In USA compared to others that are made overseas. My brand is going over quality VS quanity so I might get a hefty price tag. You could even search alibaba they might have some! Idk bout the quality thou...
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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