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Shocks out on station where do i get new ones?

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Well i bought a 4 station 4 color from a man and now the shocks are out on it. the screens won't stay up and i have it bungie corded . I want to replace the shocks but can't seem to find them anyone have a source for replacement?
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people are going to need to know what kind of press you have before they can answer this. your best bet may be to look over the shock very well for any numbers and then google search those numbers. you might be surprised what searching a model number on google brings up
yea i tried that and the shocks came back with a $100 price tag. They can't be that expensive can they. and I dont really know what model it is because i bought it used and there is no name on it. :confused:
post pics to help identify the press

you can measure the open and closed length, take note of teh end connector styles, and then search eBay for 'Gas Strut' (and perhaps plus the overall length) and pick through the listings until you find what you are looking for.

If it's a fairly standard one, or borrowed from automotive - you can maybe even find a suitable replacement at a junk yard

regardless - prices are gonna be from about $8 each, to.... apparently... $100 ;)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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