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Shirt Missing

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In the past few weeks I have had some customers say when they got there order a shirt was missing. I know this is not correct because I personally counted the shirts twice. Once when the order came in and the finally time when I put the shirts in the box. Today I had a customer send me a email saying he was missing a 2xl navy and 2xl gray. I know he got the shirts because he only order one of each and I marked it off when I put it in the box. Now if it was a one color job I would not care to put this back on but it's a 8 color back. How do you handle this?
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good question. how much will you be out if you just replaced the shirts?

our natural inclination is to think they're trying to scam us. that may be true, but it may not. i would tell them what you did to ensure the order was correct (after taking care to make sure you put the shirts in with the order ~ no doubt you did them, but did they get into the box?), tell them you looked around to be doubly sure on your end, and ask them to look again and ask anyone who may have potentially had access to the shirts if they have them. maybe someone saw them and grabbed theirs without remembering to tell anyone. say, 'i've never had this happen (as long as that's true), but i would replace the shirts without a problem were it not for the fact that re-doing them would cost me $40 just in new screens alone.' (i'm assuming it was screen printed?)

i also assume that there was no contract and/or they didn't inspect the shirts before leaving. legally, i would imagine they're screwed b/c they took possession of them, eh? but, it's 'only' a couple of shirts, so i personally would probably replace them, let them know when they pick up their next order that they'll have to inspect the order before it leaves the shop, and for future reference put a note on their order that something 'funny' happened.

this is why a lot of screen printers have contracts and have people check their orders before they leave. live and learn, eh? :)
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